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FDA Suppressions!

The pharmaceutical companies through the FDA have suppressed dozens of discoveries concerning cures for cancer, heart disease and many other diseases for more than 50 years. The proof of the suppression of the discoveries of cures for cancer and other diseases are slightly covered up at this time, but still quite provable. The FDA has depended upon the incredibility of what they have done and the indifference of the public to maintain their farce. For example: The amino acid Tryptophan was sold in health food stores throughout the US as an aid for sleep. It really worked and thousands of people bought it as opposed to several drug sleep aids. Tryptophan replaced several millions of dollars that the drug companies were no longer able to sell. Then guess what, Tryptophan evidently caused the death of one person in the US and several in Japan. The FDA immediately took it off the shelf of every health food store in the US. This amino acid is manufactured in Japan and it was found that somehow an impurity had gotten into the amino acid jar. Although the problem was fixed and acceptable purity rules were put in place in the Japanese manufacturing plant, it was never allow back in the US. It was later found that American FDA agents had visited the Japanese Tryptophan plant before the impure jars of Tryptophan were shipped. So now drug companies that sell sleep drugs make millions of dollars selling the drugs that replace the Tryptophan. Do you see? One person dead from amino acid impurities and America can no longer have Tryptophan, but hundreds of thousands of people are dead from drugs and that is completely acceptable. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with that? Another major example: in 1992 the FDA started a public campaign to deny the America people the right to purchase vitamins without going to a doctor and obtaining a prescription. They spent millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money pushing this cause, but it didn’t work. Worse than that, it backfired against them. Not just thousands but millions of American people arose up against this attack on our liberty and wrote their congressmen. In August of 1994 congresses fixed their wagon on this score attempting to do it permanently, but that evidently wasn’t possible. A law was passed unanimously by both houses and signed into law by the president. Did you see that? Unanimously. That’s what the America people can do if they really try. (All of this is now a matter of public records). The law was called DSHEA (The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994). This law attempts to guarantee the American people free access to vitamins and other essential nutrients and to the educational data concerning these nutrients. The reason why the educational data was included is that the pharmaceutical companies had been campaigning to prevent any and all claims of health benefits concerning vitamins from being published. But that still wasn’t enough. The pharmaceutical companies banded together to form a cartel at the international level. (Look up Codex Alimentarius) They started a worldwide campaign to ban all data concerning the health benefits of vitamins and minerals and other natural substances from being distributed anywhere in the world. They approached the world through the United Nations Food Standards Commission. They thought that they could force the industrial nations and the world to accept vitamins as prescription medicine. Disguised as a consumer protection initiative, this concept was to be recommended to the UN General Assembly. There were to be trade sanctions on any countries that refused to accept vitamins as prescription medicine. You may think that law DSHEA of 1994 has protected us. Well, not so. As soon as it was out of the public eye the FDA has been at it again to get congress to pass a law saying that all supplements must be approved by the FDA before sales in the US. Now the FDA has publicly stated that they intend to shut down 50% of the supplement business in the US using this new law. Now with 970,000 drugs related deaths each year and not even one single supplement related death per year in the entire health food field the FDA is going to limit our right to have supplements unless they approve of them. They are not fooling around. The DSHEA law will be useless with this new law. They were informed of the damage this law would cause. There is only one reason why they will agree to this law in both the house and senate. They are bought and paid for. These laws are in the works in both the house and the senate and are scheduled to be law in 2010. So far all congressmen and senators have been in favor. So how about those supressed cancer cures? Billions and billions of dollars have been spent on the search for a cure for cancer by using the present theory of cancer. For more than a hundred years there have been two basic theories of cancer. The other theory has been suppressed. Lives have been destroyed, people have been jailed and sent to prison, and books have been burned. Every conceivable disgusting thing that can be done has been done to prevent the second theory of cancer from ever coming to scientific light or becoming known to the public. Funny things, all of the demonstrated cures of cancer have been based on the second theory, or similar concepts. More than two dozen or more of those cures have each had more than one thousand documented cases of complete cures from cancer, some of them more than 10,000 documented cures and several more than 100,000 cases recorded. So let me tell you in a few nontechnical sentences the difference between the two different theories of cancer. The present theory of cancer is that healthy body cells for some unknown reason mutate into cancerous cells. The general idea is that the unknown reason is aging, poor diet, heredity, a bad condition that slowly mutates into cancer, or something along those lines. Using this theory, billions of dollars have been spent on research and millions of men, women and children have suffered and died for more than 100 years while no significant improvement in cancer treatment has happened. That’s 100 years without an answer or even a real improvement. Of course there are a lot of scientists that would like to argue against that. There was what they call a great improvement in the chemotherapy chemicals in about 1948 but there is still more people dying of cancer than ever. There is no indication that chemotherapy increases one’s chances of living. The second theory which is the unaccepted theory of cancer is that cancer is caused by a very unusual virus that changes its size and shape from a virus to a bacterium and back to a virus again. There are a lot of technical terms I am missing, but that’s the basic concept. This second theory is called pleomorphism. Research into this theory is not allowed. You may say, “I thought America was a free country.” Well, that’s so, but not to those who want to do research into this particular theory of cancer. No money is available for such research, and those who try hit a blank wall. Nobody cooperates with them. Their colleagues won’t talk to them anymore. The FDA, FTC and the AMA put every possible stop in their way that they can find. Let me say again, all the suppressed cures that have worked have been based on this very unusual virus theory or similar concepts. Please, please, please, don’t believe me. Go to the Internet and dig deep enough to find the facts. The facts are there, and when you have facts you can prove them. There is always proof somewhere there, often hidden but recoverable. We need millions of more people who know the facts. They don’t have to be technical; they just need to know what is really going on. So let me tell you one book to read to get you started. It’s The Cancer Cure that Worked by Barry Lynes and John Crane. They give references and tell where you can go to get the actual records. Modern medicine insists on treating the symptoms and refuses to find the cause, because if they find the cause they will cure the problem. If they cure the problem, they will not be able to continue selling drugs. It’s sorry, but the fact is that it is all based on money. Let’s first talk about Dr. William Frederic Koch. Dr. Koch developed a medicine from herbs which he called glyoxylide. He cured his first cancer patient in 1917 and thousands thereafter when you count what he did and what the other doctors did using his medicine. What do you think the conventional treatment for cancer was at that time? The treatment that had at that time already been in use for many years began more than 100 years ago. I’ll bet you couldn’t guess what it was in a hundred years. Well amazing as it may seem, it was x-ray and radium radiation, the same as it is now. One hundred years and they are still using the same treatment and guess what, more and more people are dying from cancer. Does anyone see anything wrong with the picture here? Don’t you think at some point or the other those responsible would say, “Maybe we ought to do a little research into an alternate idea?” No, they just go blithely on researching the same basic theory. It is the result of the pharmaceutical companies only making money available for certain kinds of research that they know will get nowhere. Dr. Koch said that you don’t want to kill the cancer cells; you want to remove the virus that is causing the cell to be sick and thus allow the cancer cell to return to normal. The FDA and FTC attacked Dr. Koch for years. He was driven from the U.S. and traveled to Brazil where he had phenomenal success treating advanced rheumatoid arthritis, insanity, diabetes, cases of advanced cancer, and even leprosy. The FDA was extremely alarmed and demanded that he return to the U.S. Later when he did return he was arrested on trumped-up charges. Two trials were held and both times the jury acquitted Dr. Koch despite the fact that the judge would not allow a single cured patient to testify. The trials went on from 1942 to 1946 and cost the government more than $10,000,000 which is the equivalent to $100,000,000 in present day money. They could not prove that Dr. Koch’s technology did not cure cancer, but by this time none of his herbs for his cure were available in the U.S. Colonel Charles March took over as head of the FTC and attempted to stop the attacks against Dr. Koch, but he met with a sudden and questionable death. Deaths of that nature in those times seem to happen to a number of people involved with alternate medical treatment. That is not to say that such deaths do not happen now, because they do. A very good friend of mine, who discovered several cures for several important diseases went home about 5 years ago and a bomb in his apartment, blew both of his legs off. He lived, but the idea that they don’t stop people now days is a lie. Although the FTC could not legally stop Dr. Koch from selling his medicine to doctors, they gave him a cease and desist order from advertising in any way to doctors. This prevented doctors from knowing about it and from using it to treat cancer patients and other diseases. It is estimated that in excess of 100,000 patients were cured of cancer between the years of 1917 when Dr.Koch cured his first cancer patient until 1951 when the FTC ordered him to stop advertising to doctors. His laboratories were unable to stay in business without the sales. Recently there are those who have attempted to duplicate his formula, but he and most of those who knew the details are now dead. Basically this cure for cancer and many other diseases has been lost. The other cancer-cure that I wanted to mention is the one developed by Royal R. Rife of San Diego, California. He started research somewhat later than Dr. Koch, but in the same era. His research started in 1920. He began by inventing a microscope that was quite different from the best standard microscopes. His best microscope had a magnification of 30,000, although his first ones were not that powerful. The problem was that in the scientific field it is well known that the most powerful non electronic microscope had only 2,500 powers. The theory of light prevents anything more powerful than that because at that power the light waves theoretically cannot be amplified any more. Rife, however, had his own theory of light microscopes. The electronic microscope cannot be used with small viruses because the light frequency that it uses destroys the virus. Rife built many really tremendous microscopes over his lifetime; each new one was better than the one before. His microscopes were duplicated and some still exist to this day. They were so powerful that they could reveal the viruses that caused cancer. The microscopes used several different light sources of different frequencies. His microscope used the heterodyne principle of light frequency. That’s where one frequency is converted to another frequency. This principle has been used in radiofrequencies for many years and still is. Rife just learned to use it with light frequencies. No reason why he shouldn’t, but his microscopes were destroyed and his books and plans were burned. Despite that fact literally hundreds of doctors used Rife’s microscopes to identify and verify cancer. The other thing that Rife did, after identifying the cancer virus, was design a device that killed the cancer virus in place? The theory that he used was simple and scientific. He used the theory of radio antennas. It is not a hard basic theory to understand. Each different frequency will cause a flow of electrical current in an exact precise length of metal. So if you have a wire of the right length connected to your radio, you can pick up the frequency that causes an electrical flow of current in that wire. You don’t see the wire anymore in modern radios, but it’s there somewhere. So Rife figured, “We know that those little fellows can conduct electricity, so why not make a radio antenna out of them.” He decided that all he needed to do was measure their size and then calculate the frequency that would cause an electrical current to flow in them the same as a TV or radio antenna. If he could cause an electrical current to flow in them that would kill them. A special Research Committee of the University of Southern California oversaw his laboratory work until the end of the 1930's. Follow-up clinics conducted in 1935, 1936 and 1937 by the head of the U.S.C. Medical Committee verified the results that he was getting. Independent physicians, utilizing machines that were duplicates of Rife’s machine, successfully treated as many as 40 patients per day. A number of doctors continued to treat patients for up to 22 years, but the pressure became too great. When authorities found a machine in operation they either destroyed it on the spot or confiscate it for evidence. Rife determined the precise frequency for herpes, tuberculosis, and other illnesses as well as cancer. His work was in Science magazines, medical journals, and later the Smithsonian Institution’s annual report. Thousands were cured during the 1930's, and then the authorities struck. Rife began working with John Crane, and engineer. Rife’s life work was in John Crane’s lab when the authorities hit it. They destroyed everything, burned books and jailed John Crane. After that there were continuous problems with the authorities. The University no longer backed Rife and he simply had to quit. Today there are numerous people throughout the world that have Rife frequency generators. Many do not work as they do not duplicate Rife’s work closely enough, but many do work and cancer and other diseases are still cured with these frequency generators. There are even a few people who have his microscopes or good duplicates of his microscopes. They still work. The question is how were these people stopped when they were curing people? How was the truth covered over so easily? There are two reasons. Both were greed. There were scientists who did not want their theories of cancer and other diseases questioned and there were the pharmaceutical companies who did not want their incomes decreased. Billions of dollars can exert huge amounts of pressure. The medical laws of this country have been shaped by the pharmaceutical companies. They have spent billions of dollars with at least two lawyers in Washington, D.C. for each representative and each senator. It all boils down to money, but the criminality of it is beyond belief. Millions suffer and die so that they can make money, and there was another reason. Many of the medical scientists were pushing their own favorite concepts that made then well known and they were mostly in with the pharmaceutical companies. That also boils down to money. Hundreds of very important industries exist in the United States that do not spend billions of dollars influence Congress on making laws. There is no acceptable reason for the drug companies to be spending that huge amount of money to influence congress, but they do. You can check my accuracy in these statements by going on the Internet and reading some of the thousands of documents that are available. Just go to Google or one of the other search engines and put in the various names of the people I have mentioned or just put in FDA Suppression. The Internet documents then point you towards the actual documents. The proof is all there. The FDA likes to dispute it, of course, and there is no money to dispute them. They have the billions to say you are wrong. In court, you don’t have a chance to prove technology. They always bring up points of law and one never gets to the crux of the matter which is that the present technology is wrong. There is simply no proving anything. But the fact is, anyone who wants to dig can prove the points I give here, but smart lawyers won’t allow it to be brought up in court. Excerpts taken and edited from: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century 3rd edition by Jim Humble



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