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Methods Other Than Oral of Using MMS

Although this book focuses on taking MMS orally, it can be brought into the body in a variety of other ways. Iíll give more details here.
Remember, chlorine dioxide is the most powerful killer of pathogens known to man. This is true whether it is used in swimming pools, on slaughterhouse floors, or by the immune system of an animal or a human. In addition, it is the most powerful detoxifier known.
The protocols call for drinking a calibrated dose but below are suggestions for MMS use that can supplement any of the protocols.

An MMS Bath
The skin is the bodyís biggest organ and can absorb MMS easily. Run a hot bath and add anywhere from 5 to 20 drops of activated MMS. If the water is not filtered, run it hot and let the vapor rise for a few minutes. Stay in the bath for about 10 minutes. Depending on your tolerance for MMS dosages, you could go up to about 40 drops. Donít be concerned about the tub of water diluting the MMS a lot. Whatever number of drops you put in the water will come in contact with your skin regardless of how full the tub is or how large it is.

An MMS Footbath
If you have a toenail fungus or any sort of foot wound or infection, fill a footbath with hot water and add 10 to 20 drops of activated MMS. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this daily until the condition is healed. It could take one week, or up to 6 weeks, depending on what the problem is. Some people have reported good pain relief for gout using this procedure.
Also, this is a good way to just get more MMS into the body for supplementing the Protocols 1000, 2000, and 3000.

Unactivated MMS
ē For itchy insect bites such as from mosquitoes and fleas use only one drop of unactivated MMS. Insect bites are acidic in nature and since MMS is alkaline, it can neutralize the acid, thus stopping the itch. Rub the one drop in with the end of your finger or a Q-tip. Use no more than 2 drops total.
ē For skin burns including sunburn. Being alkaline, MMS will cancel out the pain of a burn which comes from the acidity of burned skin.
ē Do not apply oil or greasy lotions, as by sealing the burned area, they can worsen the injury.
Apply the unactivated MMS to the burn liberally and immediately spread it with your fingers (but gently). Leave it there for no more than 5 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water. The pain will usually be gone in 3 or 4 minutes but if it is not, do a second treatment. Do not leave it longer than 5 minutes as you will cause much more damage. Use aloe vera ointment or aloe vera juice for healing after treatment.
Four Treatments Per Hour
For a snake bite, mix 3 or 4 drops with an equal number of 50% citric acid drops and apply it to the bite every 15 minutes. Also take 6-drop MMS doses every 15 minutes for half an hour and every half hour thereafter for several hours. See a doctor but do not let him cut the bite, as the cut will spread the poison. Most doctors know better but a few do not.

MMS Fumes on the Skin
For a staphylococcus infection, do this carefully, as it can save your life or someone elseís life in a few minutes. Obtain a glass or cup or smaller vessel of a size to cover the infected area and not allow any gas to get out. It must not be metal.
Put 10 drops of MMS and 10 drops of 50% citric acid in the vessel and mix. Do not add water. Immediately put the mouth of the vessel over the infected area but do it so that the MMS remains in the bottom. Lean your body so that the vessel is not upside down. Allow the chlorine dioxide fumes to bathe the infected area for five minutes, no longer. The gas will burn your skin otherwise.
At the end of five minutes, remove the vessel holding the MMS and try to lightly squeeze the infection so that pus comes out. Keep paper towels handy to clean up the mess. If pus does not come out, wait several hours and repeat the procedure. This will normally handle staph infections in one treatment, but if not, repeat the procedure every 6 hours until handled.

MMS Skin Spray
For skin cancers, make a spray using 10 drops of activated MMS for each ounce of water. Spray the cancer each hour and spray DMSO on top of the MMS spray. Brush it with your fingers lightly. Do this once an hour. At the same time, follow Protocol 2000 as described in Chapter 13. If this makes your normal skin sore or the cancer painful, stop spraying until you can spray again with no pain.

MMS Via an IV Line
After some experience with this method of using MMS, I discovered that it is not more effective than taking it by mouth. However, if a personís mouth and/or digestive system is injured, an IV drip will work.
To a 250 ml saline or sugar solution, add 5 drops of unactivated MMS. Wait for an hour before using this while the liquid solution gradually activates the MMS. Then allow it to infuse slowly into the body. We allowed anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and from 5 to 22 drops per infusion, but normally you would use the same number of drops by infusion as you would by mouth. Always wait an hour after loading the IV bag. Of course, the larger the dose, the longer you should allow for the infusion.
If you are following Protocol 1000, use an MMS dose that will allow you to meter in 3 drops an hour, and for Protocol 2000, use as many drops an hour as you would be using by mouth.

MMS in an Enema
Use 10 drops of MMS in 8 ounces of fluid. Hold it in for 5 to 10 minutes if you can. Or do the enema any way you are accustomed to doing it but add about one drop of activated MMS per ounce of water.
You could also go to someone who does colonics and have them add about one drop of activated MMS per ounce of solution that they use MMS often handles constipation, but not always.
There seems to be a small percentage of people who have been constipated for so many years that killing the pathogens in the colon does not help. I have run into a few, including myself. In most cases colonics and proper eating and special programs will handle the problem, but not always. Sometimes the operation of the colon has come to a partial or complete standstill. In this, case the colon is probably partially or completely paralyzed.
I have treated many such people, usually older people, but again not always. The paralysis of the colon has usually been a result of years of not functioning properly and killing the pathogens unfortunately does not result in proper function. So I have used the Senna herb. This is the only herb that totally exercises the muscles in the colon. It has helped many people and millions are now using it. It has helped many be healthy again. Use Senna for relief from constipation if MMS has not worked. It is effective and the closest thing I know to the natural way. You can buy it from health food stores and Walmart and many other large food chains. You can buy a bottle of senna extract that works fine containing 250 pills and also smaller size bottles as well.
The Codex laws have made them use smaller pills, but just take more pills as needed. Begin with two or three pills and keep increasing until it works. You may have to take as many as 20 or 25. I now take 9 but I have been using less and less. I once was taking the equivalent of 20.
For those who have had this problem for years, use senna for relief, then do the MMS Protocol 1000 while also taking the senna. When finished with the protocol, you can continue using senna if necessary. There are millions of people using it now and it keeps them completely healthy. Most people will not have to continue it indefinitely but a rare few will need it and it will work for them.

Inhaling MMS Fumes Caveat
Follow these instructions! Your lungs have no pain nerves and you can damage them without feeling it. Inhaling chlorine dioxide fumes must be done very cautiously. Never, never use more than 2 activated drops for inhaling.
Step #1: Put 2 drops of MMS in a cup, add the activator and cover the cup.
Step #2: Wait 20 seconds for the 50% citric acid or 3 minutes for the 10% citric, then remove the lid and lift the cup to your nose.
Step #3: Take one breath through your nose. The minute you feel it bite, stop your breath.
Step #4: Take one breath through your mouth. Take no more than one breath at first. You should cough. It is what you need to do. Then you should cough the next morning. You need to get the stuff out of your lungs and coughing does that. Typically, not a lot of coughing is needed.
Treating your lungs directly has the advantage that the MMS getting to your lungs is a hundred times stronger than what you would get from drinking it, then letting it go to your stomach, get into your blood and finally work its way to your lungs through the circulatory system. It will finally get to the lungs but the healing will be slower.
You will quickly learn to use a few breaths two or three times a day, but only very slowly. I canít emphasize enough that you must go slowly, working up to several breaths in the morning and in the evening. Gradually, your lungs will begin to heal. Keep in mind that this technique is using chlorine dioxide at just about 100% strength. The fumes coming off the bottom of that cup are 100% chlorine dioxide, but they do mix with a small amount of air on the way up.

Two Cautionary Tales
Tale #1: I once told a person over the phone how to do this. He was very sure that he needed to go faster. So he used 4 drops instead of 2, but what he really did wrong was continue to breathe the fumes for almost half an hour. It felt good, he said. Four hours later that afternoon, he was gasping for breath. He could hardly force air into his lungs because he had burned them. He was afraid that he had permanently harmed them. I told him that he would be alright but that it would take several days to recover and that is what happened. It was a bad experience. He really thought he was going to die. Donít you have the same experience! Go slowly! You can indeed harm your lungs.
Tale #2: Just the other day one of the Ministers here was making a six-drop dose to take. After putting the 6 drops in a coffee cup and adding 6 drops of citric acid, before adding the water, he dropped his pen. He was sitting in a chair and without thinking, he bent over between his legs to pick up the pen. As he reached for it, he was holding the coffee cup in his other hand and his nose went into the cup as he picked up the pen. He was just drawing a breath. It hit him hard.
He coughed very hard for several minutes and then he seemed to be OK. But 4 hours later he was wheezing and he could hardly get a breath. It scared him. He had a hard time that evening, but by the next day he was OK. I tell you this to emphasize that if you use this technique, go slowly.
When using the above instructions to repair your lungs, you take complete responsibility for yourself. I cannot be responsible for you. All I can say is that I have done this and others have told me they have too. In many cases, this is the only thing that will give you your life back. But you do it totally on your own responsibility.

Using a Misting Machine
Another and much safer procedure is to use a mister, a machine that creates a mist of water. Some humidifiers also create a cool mist; read your userís manual. I use 24 drops of activated MMS for each cup of water that I put in the mister. MMS will be in the mist. Use bottled drinking water. Keep a large bottle so that you can pour the liquid out of the machine and into a bottle with a lid. In that way, after you have taken your breaths, you can continue to use the same MMS until it gets used up.
Make up a batch for your machine. You will probably need at least three cups. Remember: 24 drops of activated MMS per cup. Turn the machine on and put your mouth right down at the opening where the mist comes out. You will be able to tell when the mist starts as the air will get cold on your lips. At that time, the first time, take only one breath.
Then 4 hours later you can do it again and if everything went alright and there was no problem, you can take 2 breaths. Do it two or three times a day and if there is no problem and you are getting better, you can take as many as 10 breaths each time. You will never be getting 100% chlorine dioxide as you would if breathing from a cup. But in every case go slowly.
Inhaling MMS in a mist is very helpful for any type of respiratory disease such as pneumonia, asthma, COPD, and emphysema.
I have been using MMS for my lungs from time to time. As others have told me about using MMS in the lungs, I finally decided to do a mini research program. The above item (Inhaling MMS) and this one, Using a Misting Machine, are the result of about 2 weeks of doing it 8 hours a day. I am 79 years old as mentioned before. About one month after doing the mini program, I began to feel my lungs working easier and I was breathing more deeply on occasion. Then I began to take more deep breaths. I was amazed. I could draw breaths completely and easily.
Before doing the program, I breathed OK. But when taking a deep breath, my breath would just slowly come to an end. As I reached the end of the breath I was forcing it pretty hard. Now it was different. I could breathe all the way totally deep to the end of the breath easily and without forcing it. In fact it was now fun and pleasant to take a deep breath, hold it for a couple of seconds and then let it out.
I figure that the lungs heal slowly. After I killed most of the pathogens, my lungs filled out to a healthier condition than before. It took a while. They didnít feel bad before, but they do feel better now. No big deal, but it might be worth working on.
When using the above instructions to repair your lungs, you take complete responsibility for yourself. I cannot be responsible for you. All I can say is that I have done this and others have told me they have too. In many cases, this is the only thing that will give you your life back. But you do it totally on your own responsibility.

MMS as Eye drops
For conjunctivitis or other eye infections, put 4 drops of activated MMS in a half cup of water. It should be purified or distilled water. Using an eye dropper, put one or two drops in the affected eye or eyes. Blink a few times to be sure the liquid penetrates into the eye thoroughly and use a second drop if needed. Do this 4 or 5 times a day until the eye is well.

Gargling MMS
By gargling MMS daily as part of your dental hygiene, you can prevent all types of throat infection. The full dental procedure is described in Chapter 13 under Daily Procedure for Dental and Respiratory Health. Gargling is the last step.
After briefly and gently inhaling the fumes from 2 drops of MMS and then brushing your teeth with the diluted dose, add about a quarter cup of water to the two tablespoons of solution that are still in the glass and gargle.

MMS in a Douche
Use 6 drops of activated MMS per cup of water. You may want to use two cups so that would be a total of 12 drops. Just do your regular douche but with the added MMS. For bad infections, use the same number of drops per cup but do up to one douche every hour.

MMS in a Bag
You may chuckle at the image of this procedure, but if the mouth and/or digestive system is injured, this is another way to get MMS into the whole body. Get two large trash bags and tape their openings together. I have found these trash bags in various supermarkets around the world. They are all about the same size. Itís the largest trash bag all the markets sell. Lay two of the bags on the floor with the openings against one another. Tape the bags together with no open places. Turn the bags over and tape both sides to make sure the gas will not get out. Cut the opposite end out of one of the bags and now you have one large bag at least 6 feet tall or taller.
For the application stage, put a stool near a table. Use a small bowl for the MMS. On the table near your stool have the bowl, some MMS, and some citric acid. It is best to use 50% citric as it releases chlorine dioxide faster than a 10% solution. Also have a clock or watch to time your treatment.
When you are ready, take most of your clothes off, sit on the stool, and put your feet in the bag. Pull it up at least waist high. Then and only then make up your bowl of MMS for the chlorine dioxide. The first time, use 5 drops of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid. Mix them in the bowl and immediately put the bowl inside the bag down at your feet.
Do not wait any time after putting the MMS and citric together.
Put it down at your feet immediately, pull the bag up to your neck and hold it closed around your neck. Be sure to time yourself and stay in the bag only 10 minutes. If you wear any clothes, you may ruin them. Unless it is winter time and you are outside, you will sweat a lot. Do this several times a day or more. Use from 5 to 40 drops of MMS.
Do not start with 40 drops but work your way up to it. You can be on Protocol 1000 or 2000 while doing this although that is not a requirement. If you add this procedure to one of the other protocols that is OK, but do not make yourself nauseous. That prevents your recovery or slows it down considerably.

Excerpt from The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium!



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